Gofer GOLD Terms

Program Overview:

Gofer Parts truly wants to make the customer experience fun and exciting. We have done that through our new online store, with our top notch customer service, and now we are exceedingly excited to roll out our new GoferGOLD customer loyalty program and GoldRUSH months. Since the beginning, Gofer Parts has strived to bring you high quality aftermarket and OEM parts at the best price available. GoferGOLD aids us in that by giving you tokens for every dollar spent, when added up these tokens can be converted to an actual store credit that you can use on future qualifying orders.

GoferGOLD GoldRUSH months give you the ability to earn gold at a faster rate. Instead of waiting for tokens to accrue, you can earn gold on qualifying purchases. During GoldRUSH months, gold bars acquired expire within 30 days of earning them. It is important that you set yourself a reminder so you remember to use that gold before it goes away.

Here is more information about the programs as well as terms and conditions:

GoferGOLD Loyalty Program:

GoferGOLD is a WEB-STORE loyalty program ONLY. Customer service is not equipped to increase or use your GoferGOLD . GoferGOLD is issued in increments of $25.00 and is maxed out at a balance of $100.00. Once you have reached $100.00 in GoferGOLD, you must spend what you have in order to earn additional GoferGOLD bars.

Earning GoferGOLD is easy:
$1.00 = 1 Token
1,250 tokens = 1 GoferGOLD Bar ($25)


For two months a year (chosen at random) we will be giving you a faster way to obtain GoferGOLD. Based on a tier system, you can obtain GoferGOLD gold bar(s) on one single order transaction. Gold bars earned during GoldRUSH will have to be used within 30 days of that purchase. If not used within 30 days of your purchase, you will lose that gold bar and revert back to your original amount of GoferGOLD prior to GoldRUSH month.

Earning Gold in GoldRUSH Months
Order Total = Gold Earned
$500 = $25.00
$1000 = $50.00
$1500 = $75.00
$2000 = $100.00

Terms and Conditions:

  • GoferGOLD is a program that starts over with every calendar year. If you have any GoferGOLD or tokens in your account on January 1st of the following year, the GoferGOLD and tokens will be removed and you will start over with 0. Make sure to use your GoferGOLD and tokens by 12/31 of the current year.
  • GoferGOLD is a program that is ONLY available through our online store. Our website tracks all tokens and all gold bars. Our personnel are not equipped to change it on your account. If you need help using our online store, customer service can assist you how to place an order to ensure you obtain tokens to earn GoferGOLD.
  • Tokens and Gold are not earned on shipping and tax.
  • If you are using a coupon code, you will earn tokens and GoferGOLD on the total order less the amount of the coupon code.
  • To use your GoferGOLD, your cart total must be greater than the amount of Gold you want to use. For example: if your order total is $24.00 and you have $25.00 in GoferGOLD you may not use the gold for that purchase.
  • If you use your GoferGOLD on a purchase, you will not earn tokens or Gold on that purchase.
  • If a purchase that you used GoferGOLD on is returned, you are eligible to receive a $25.00 store credit.
  • During a GoldRush period, you must use GoferGOLD obtained on an order within 30 days of the date and time that you placed the order and received the gold or it will expire.
  • GoferGOLD and tokens cannot be earned on OEM or special order items.
  • GoferGOLD and tokens cannot be applied to offset a previous balance.
  • GoferGOLD is not legal tender. No cash or credits back. They are only redeemable for merchandise credit as described above.
  • Other exclusions may apply.