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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find my order history? 

To view your order history, go to the drop down at the top of the site under your name. Under ‘Billing’ select ‘Transaction History’. You can select from a date range to view past orders.


I see a better price on another site, can you match that price? 

Yes. Find the sale item on our site and click to view the item. You will see a number of boxes under the description. One of the boxes is titled ‘Price Match’. Click on that link and you will see a pop-up that will ask you to provide the link to the competitor's product and their price. Once complete, select ‘Submit’ and will review and get back to you with the approval for the price match.


How do I create a list?

Select the item you would like to add to a ‘Wishlist’. On the item page under the product description, you will see a series of boxes. One of the boxes is titled “Add To Wishlist’. Click on that link and select an existing list you have or ‘Create A New List’. Once you select ‘Create A New List’ you will be asked to name the list. Once named select ‘Create And Add Item’.


Is there a price break if I buy more than 6 squeegee sets? 

Yes. Once you exceed 5 items in your cart, the price will adjust for the next price break volume. The next price break reduction occurs when you reach 12 items and continues at select increments.


Why am I getting a pop-up to sign up for emails that I am already signed up for?

The system automatically displays the request to be added to our email list when you visit the site from a new browser. If the account was opened in another name, you may want to add yourself to receive future sales notifications.


What is the difference between a floor scrubber, sweeper, sweeper-scrubber and scrubber-sweeper?

  • Floor scrubbers use brushes, water and detergent to clean.
  • Floor sweepers use dry brushes to sweep dust and debris from the floor.
  • Floor sweeper-scrubbers start with a dry sweep and then a wet scrub.
  • Floor scrubber-sweepers is a 2-1 technology that uses cylindrical brushes to scrub and sweep at the same time.


How does an auto scrubber work?

An automatic scrubber has two separate tanks for both dirty and clean water. Fresh water is put down onto the floor while brushes remove the dirt and debris on the surface. The dirty water is vacuumed into a separate recovery tank. The squeegees complete the process, leaving the surface dry.


Should I use detergent?

It is ideal to always use detergent when cleaning your floors. Detergent helps to remove allergens and germs which can impact the health of those in the facility.


How do I know if the replacement part will fit my machine?

Under each part we offer the list of machines that the item will fit. You can also identify the correct parts by looking up your exact model under ‘Shop By Model’. There you will also find a machine manual that will confirm the correct parts for your machine.


Do you sell used or refurbished floor scrubbers and sweepers?

Yes! We have many machines available for purchase. Please contact Total Service Solutions at 855-SEND-TEC


Do you offer service?

Yes! Total Service Solutions will be able to service all your floor cleaning machines. 855-SEND-TEC