Gearbox Assembly, For Brush Motors

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Comparable To

Nilfisk/Advance 54238A
Nobles/Tennant 630609
NSS 3391181 $542.85

Machine Fit

ClarkeVision 21i , Vision V
ClarkeEncore S17, L17 Rotary-Cylindrical
ClarkeVision 38I-32I IX-26I IX
ClarkeVision 20B, 20BT
ClarkeEncore S28XP, S33XP, S38XP
ClarkeEncore S20E
ClarkeVision 17B, 17BT
ClarkeVision 17E
ClarkeEncore S20, L20
ClarkeEncore S28, L28, S33, L33, S38, L38
ClarkeEncore S30 and L30
ClarkeScrubtec 743 S, 743 L, 751 S, 751 L, 743 S C, 743 L C
ClarkeFocus S28, L28 WB, S33, L33 WB, S38, L38 WB
ClarkeFocus S17, L17, L17 Cylindrical, S20, L20 Rotary
ClarkeFocus C28, C33
ClarkeEncore S2426, L2426, S2426 OBC, L2426 OBC
NoblesSpeed Scrub 1701 Plus
NoblesSpeed Scrub 2401, 2601
NoblesSpeed Scrub 2100HD
NoblesSpeed Scrub 1701, 2100, 2400
NSSWrangler 2016 AE, AB, DB
NSSWrangler 26-VS
NSSWrangler 20E
NSSWrangler 33
NSSWrangler 27-33 FB-VS
NSSWrangler 2730DB, 3330DB
NSSWrangler 2625DB
NSSWrangler 2730DB, 3330DB
TennantT3 (SN 00000000-10309874)
Tennant5700XP (SN 000000-029999)
Tennant5680 (SN 10000000- )
Tennant5700 (SN 10000000- )
Tennant5500, 5520
Tennant5700 (SN 000000-029999)
Tennant5680 (SN 000000-029999)
TennantT3 (SN 10309875-XXXXXXXX)
Tennant5700XP (SN 10000000- )

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