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Vacuum Bags

Captive Filtration™ vac bags are a high quality alternative to the OEM. All models are rigorously tested by an independent laboratory, and compare favorably to published OEM ratings. Captive bags are carefully engineered to filter 99.99% of all particles 1 µ (micron) or larger, and can trap unwanted particles as small as 0.3µ at an impressive fractional efficiency rating of 92.1%. Captive bags easily handle all manner of dirt and allergens, including cement dust, insecticide dust, mold spores, pollen, spray paint residue, humidifier exhaust, textile fibers, dust mites and bacteria. However, because Captive focuses on keeping manufacturing costs low, their bags cost far less than the OEM version. We have high quality replacement bags for most major brands, including: Nilfisk®, Advance®, Betco®, Electrolux®, Eureka®, NSS®, ProTeam®, Nobles®, Tennant®, Oreck®, Sanitaire®, Windsor®, and more.

74 Products