Squeegees, Gaskets & Skirts


Our APEX line of squeegee blades sets a new industry standard. We manufacture all of these blades in-house with the same state-of-the-art CAD-based technology used by modern OEM manufacturers. Most aftermarket blades from other companies are manufactured using old technology, often referred to as "die cutting." This form of manufacturing results in a blade that wears faster due to weak, concave edges.

Our CAD-based, laser-guided technology creates a perfect 90 degree edge cut. This results in a precise fit and longer life in real-world floor cleaning applications. In fact, APEX blades perform as well as their OEM equivalent - and in some cases, even better.

GOFER offers a wide range of squeegee blades in a variety of materials for every application. We also carry gaskets, brushes, and skirts: we have everything you need to get your floors as clean as possible, every time. And if you need help choosing a blade or accessory, just give us a call.