About Us

Floor Machine Parts and Floor Scrubber Parts

Gofer is experience

The name Gofer Parts may be new to the floor machine parts business, but our team has been around the block! With over 50 years of combined, hands-on experience in the commercial floor-care equipment and aftermarket floor machine parts industries, the Gofer Team knows what you need to keep your floor equipment repair service company profitable. That’s why our focus is simple:
  • Provide quality name-brand floor machine parts
  • Have the parts in stock when you need them
  • Process all orders quickly, and accurately
  • Do this all at unbeatable prices!

Gofer is profitability

All “Independent Service Providers” understand that nearly 72% of their service revenue is generated from the replacement parts they install. This means for every 10% they can save on quality floor equipment and floor machine replacement parts, they will realize up to a 7% improvement on their bottom line.

Gofer is the future

While there may be other companies that sell floor scrubber parts, our ultimate goal is to be your #1 provider of not only parts, but a complete system of product and logistical support tailored specifically to Independent Service Providers. We plan to grow with you and continue to offer great prices on the floor machine parts and scrubber replacement parts you need.

Floor Machine Parts Sourcing

We don't call ourselves Gofer Parts for fun. We mean everything the name implies. If you are looking for floor machine parts or a specific floor scrubber part or just need help selecting the correct floor machine part, then you've turned to the right place. Let us know what floor machine or scrubber you have and we'll make sure a parts specialist can track it down immediately. If we don't have your floor machine part in our inventory, then we'll use our extensive network to make sure you receive the parts you need at the most competitive price.

Floor Scrubber Parts

If you have been repairing floor scrubbers and buying floor scrubber replacement parts for any amount of time, chances are you've bought parts from us before. We are not a new floor scrubber parts source, or new entrant to this business. Our roots run deep in the floor scrubber business.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and ask us personally about our experience in the floor scrubber business. Or sign up for a free account now, and get started right away!