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Gofer Parts offers top quality rectifiers for your floor machine. Our rectifiers and other electrical parts are for a variety of floor care equipment. If you are looking for a 50 AMP 600 Volt rectifier or a 60 AMP 600 Volt rectifier for a particular floor machine, you can find it here. If there is a specific rectifier you need and cannot find, please call our customer service department at 877.463.3711, or go to our online chat and speak with a representative online.


  • RECTIFIER - 50 AMP 600 VOLT - Replacement for EC-61, CPT7488, CPT-7488, CHP-41, EC61, CHP41, 912287, 912085, 740202, 56038784, 038784, 130983, 0501250, 0501240, 024190, X8034-2
  • RECTIFIER - 60 AMP 600 VOLT - Replacement for EN-6, EN6, 190753, 86666760, 8.666-676.0

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Twin-Spin 17, Twin-Spin 20, Carpetriever 28XP, Carpetriever 22, Power Tempest XP, Power Liquidator, Mobilmatic MB17, Mobilmatic MB17-5, Mobilmatic MB20, Mobilmatic MB20-5, Convertamatic 17B-2, Convertamatic 20B-2, Converamatic 20E-2, Convertamatic 20E-2-5, Triumph 430, Achiever 80, Achiever 110

Clarke Encore L17, Clarke Encore L20, Clarke Encore L2426, Clarke Encore L26 (Cylindrical), Clarke Encore L30, Clarke Encore S17, Clarke Encore S20, Clarke Encore S20E, Clarke Encore S2426, Clarke Encore S30, Clarke Vision 17B, Clarke Vision 17BT, Clarke Vision 17E

Nobles Concorde, Minuteman 170 , Minuteman Ambassador , Minuteman 200 Electric Scrubber, Minuteman 1500 Burnisher, Minuteman M2300 Electric Burnisher, Minuteman 17" Front Runner Floor Machine, Minuteman 20" Front Runner Floor Machine, Minuteman M2400 Electric Burnisher, Minuteman Ambassador Old Style, Minuteman X17 ECO Extractor, Minuteman 200X Brush Drive Electric Scrubber, Minuteman 1500 RPM Floor Machine , Kent KF-2000E Floor Machine, Kent KF-2500E Floor Machine, Alto/Clarke Boost 32 , Alto/Clarke Focus S28, Alto/Clarke Focus S33, Alto/Clarke Focus S38, Alto/Clarke Ultra Speed Burnisher, Alto/Clarke Focus L28 WB, Alto/Clarke Fusion 27 Battery Burnisher, Alto/Clarke Image 26B Wash-Rinse Extractor, Alto/Clarke Encore S28XP, Alto/Clarke Encore S33XP, Alto/Clarke S38XP, Alto/Clarke C2K Series 120V, Alto/Clarke Ultra Speed Burnisher 1700, Alto/Clarke Encore S28, Alto/Clarke Encore L28, Alto/Clarke Encore S33, Alto/Clarke Encore L33, Alto/Clarke Encore S38, Alto/Clarke Encore L38, Alto/Clarke C28 Scrubber, Alto/Clarke C33 Scrubber, Alto/Clarke CE7 Pro Edger, Alto/Clarke SE7 Pro Edger, Alto/Clarke EZ Sand

Nobles Speed Scrub 1701, Nobles Speed Scrub 2001, Nobles Speed Scrub 2001 Electric, Nobles Speed Scrub 2400, Nobles Speed Shine 1200, Nobles Speed Shine 1600, Nobles Speed Shine 1700, Nobles Speed Shine 2000, Nobles Ultra Shine, Tennant 2000, Tennant 2010, Tennant 2030, Tennant 2040, Tennant 2160, Tennant 2170, Tennant 2300, Tennant 2320, Tennant 2340, Tennant 2370, Tennant 5200, Tennant BR1600, Tennant F Series, Tennant FS2000, Tennant HS1100, Tennant HS1500, Tennant HS1900, Tennant Integrity 2000, Tennant LS1700, Tennant LS1700HD, Tennant LS2000, Tennant LS2000HD, Tennant TS1700HD, Tennant TS2000HD, Tennant WB20E
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1 

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